IELTS Speaking Parameters

Fluency and Coherence

Fluency doesn’t mean that you have to speak very fast and nonstop but it is to speak in a proper flow with proper intonation. Just like a river flowing. First of all you need to speak correctly then increase your speed.


Use some linking words or conjunctions in order to connect your sentences very well. E.g. however, somehow, first of all, on the other hand, at last, finally, although, even though and furthermore.

Lexical Resources

Improving vocabulary, sometimes you know the words but you cannot remember it at the right time while speaking. The solution is to learn vocabulary with a rhyming dictionary. E.g. night, light, kite, white, bite, sight, height, and might.

Steps to learn vocabulary:

  • Learn a word
  • Learn how to use it in a proper sentence
  • Just practice it

Grammatical Range and Accuracy

All twelve tenses cannot be mastered easily in English. But there is a way to learn the most common and easiest tenses of English grammar. For instance, just master present simple, perfect, and continuous tenses. Similarly, study future simple, perfect, and continuous as well as past simple, perfect, and continuous tenses. To make a perfect sentence in English you need to study parts of speech very well and learn how to use them appropriately just like the seven colors of the rainbow in order to color your sentences with variety and rich expressions. You must use maximum parts of speech to make perfect sentences.


It is to say how clearly you can utter the original sounds of a language. Follow the method of parrot learning, for example how a parrot mimics the sounds, you need to do it in the same way exactly. Repeat again and again until you make it sound perfect. Also, you can record yourself and listen to your recordings plus compare them with the standard pronunciations.

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