Education is The Real Power

The Real Power

Look at the great powers,
A garden full of flowers.
It’s not about imitation,
It’s about Education and creation.
Educate to learn and discover,
Not to follow the style and trend,
One plus one is equal to two,
Do not focus on whether it is black or blue,
Quality Education is the secret and it is the best clue,
It can help you to find what is true.
Because Education is power,
Power is Education.


Main idea

This poem is dedicated to those developing countries that cannot understand the reason of their slow development. They must observe the developed countries and understand the reason behind their success. Nations and countries which really want to develop do not copy others. Rather they prefer to research and focus on creativity. Their purpose of education is not just related to passing exams and getting good grades but it is related to the discovery of new ideas and contribution in fields of science and technology.

Moreover, a very significant difference between developing and developed countries is that people usually focus on the quantity ignoring the quality in developing countries. While on the other hand, in developed countries quality is prioritized. Because only quality can generate the required results. Therefore, power is hidden in Quality Education.


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